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Pro Membership

What is Pro membership?

The Audilus Pro Membership is our membership program that allows customers to download any music track in our catalog for the purpose of previewing the music to their projects.

The membership includes perks:

- A 15% Discount on all licenses and services

- A complimentary edit or cut down to production music

- Free music searches

- Content strategy Sessions


Is the Pro Membership a subscription?

No. The Audilus Pro Membership is not a subscription. 


Can I distribute the music that I download?

Any use of our artists' music found on Audilus without a license or without the proper license is stricktly prohibited. The Pro Membership simply grants you an internal use license.


What is an internal use license?

Internal licenses refer to licenses for organizations that are using the media project for their employees i.e traiming, employee training, etc... Any uses outside of this requires a license.

Internal use licenses granted with the Pro Membership expire each year. You must maintain a Pro Membership to continue to use the media project containing the music covered by the license.


Why do you not have a subscription model?

We pride ourselves in our diverse and unique catalog of broadcast production music and the music of recording artists. We are a rights managed music company and we are also a music publishing company. This enables us to make available the highest quality music, unlike cookie cutter royalty-free music websites.


Can I edit the music to fit my project?

You can edit the song to fit your project, as long as the overall intent and character of the track remains unchanged. Remixing or adding additional musical elements to a track for sync use requires permission from Musicbed.


Make people remember you, with music. 

Research shows that what people listen to is more important to their sense of themselves than what they hear or read. Choice of music can actually become an extension of an individual's identity. Humans are continuously in the process of actively constructing, maintaining and communicating their identity.

Need music? Let's talk

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