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Audilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for Media
Let's add... music.

What do we do?

In the simplest terms, we provide high-quality (not royalty-free) music to filmmakers and advertisers. We help them perfectly soundtrack their media projects. 

To do this we partner with very talented artists from around the world and represent their music.

Everything Is Music

Research shows that what people listen to is more important to their sense of themselves than what they hear or read. The choice of music can become an extension of an individual's identity. Consumers are continuously in the process of actively constructing, maintaining, and communicating their identities.

Audilus, the name is a portmanteau of audio and illustration. We are the bridge that connects your story to the audience with music.

To us, music is liquid architecture, and like good architecture, it is supposed to evoke specific memories, feelings, thoughts, and emotions as the visitor journeys through its spaces. The right music sets the mood, sets the tone, and guides the audience through the journey, your story. It focuses and amplifies the listener's imagination. And even before the first scene is shown, it settles the viewer into the world you envisioned.

Music + (fill in the blanks) = Life

The digital age has transformed media, entertainment, music, gaming, and other creative industries. Exponentially growing the possibilities of use of music.

Naturally, to properly service our creative colleagues and make the use of music and its licensing process simpler, we adopted a 360 music company approach since our creation.

Making us a music creation, publisher, music library, music licensing company, and label. And also, the only stop for filmmakers, advertisers, and other content creators for the perfect music for their art.

From production music to commercial artists' music to original scores. We have the goods. We don't have a million tracks; just the right ones.

We are passionate about partnering with creatives to construct memorable experiences and knit a meaningful connection with their audiences through music.  

We exist to help storytellers tell more complete stories with music that perfectly fits their creative vision. And to help musical artists be artists. It all started with a song written by a songwriter.

What is Audilus? We are a San-Francisco Bay Area-based music company.

Why Audilus?

  • Why not. We are the future.
Music Publishing

We are a family of producers, composers, songwriters, and performing artists but above all, we are dreamers.

To learn more about our music publishing service contact us here .

Meet Aboo Afrhipop (left)

Audilus is the brainchild of music head, producer, drummer, and entrepreneur, Othniel Tomtania. Being a music creator, he understands what it takes to deliver the best music for any project. His belief that it all starts with a song written by a songwriter is a driving force behind Audilus. He currently serves as President of Audilus, Inc. Before launching Audilus, he had multiple syncs on multiple shows on major networks and scored documentaries and films. He was recruited by multiple Grammy-winning artist Malik Yusef of UMPG, and produced the song TOM ORROW on his All Saints Project that featured Fya Man, Travis Kr8ts. You can catch him, still, playing drums on weekends around the Bay Area.

A special thanks.

We couldn't have started any of this without Tim. Although he is not part of the day-to-day operations of Audilus, he holds a special place as a member of our family.

Tim's extensive background and knowledge of the industry plus a sheer love for the art and the artists is quite unique. He has represented Stand Up! Records, Dillinger Four, Har Mar Superstar, Higher Brothers, Khemmis, Blood Incantation, Off With Their Heads, Tuscaloosa (the movie) Andre Nickatina, 75 Girls, Lookout! Records, Hopeless Records, Watch Them Die, In Yo Face Films, Sims, and many more. He is a Bay Area entertainment attorney and principal for Teichgraeber Law Offices. He is also a highly respected judge in the wine world.

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