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As newcomers to the library music world, we knew we had to be different. Different in style, different in, well, everything… Nevertheless we still will carry the innate DNA of music for media. The kind of music that tells a story, that is a story. 

Some say Post-Modernism is here, and with it the deepening of our interaction with music. Research shows that Humans are continuously in the process of actively constructing, maintaining, and communicating their identity. We think that choice of music can actually become an extension of an individual's identity. 

Because what people listen to is more important to their sense of themselves than what they hear or read. 

So, here at Audilus, we exist to help storytellers tell more complete stories with music, liquide architecture, and accurately construct and illustrate for those who will come after us, the dot we occupied on history's timeline and make it memorable.

We created Audilus, to help you tell stories the way they will be told going forward. With lessons from the past and a step ahead. Because the story continues. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A unique cultural perspective and glimpse into the future of music meets tech. Land of the Hippy Phd, gansta nerd musicians and unparalelled street culture and creativity.

Audilus = Audio + Illustrations

To be continued... No seriously, we add to and edit this "about" section often. So come back and see us often.

When you work with us we become an extension of your creative team. We don't have a million tracks just the right ones.

We proudly represent and work with emerging artists as well as established award-winning songwriters, composers, and performers from around the world. To deliver the best fitting independent music for globally distributed content.

We are a one-stop shop with peace of mind exclusive library, you get

-License relevant and diverse music  

-Hire a composer for your custom music needs 

-Hire a composer to record your cover song

-Get a cover song license*

-Custom Song Search

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