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Suggested albums

Indie Pop Rock | Songs
Indie pop rock and acoustic
Countryside Southern
Various country styles. Feel the country side.
Dancing While The World Is On Fire
Upbeat and uplifting surf pop song about our generation coming...
Grand Theatre Vol.2
A collection designed specifically for trailers, TV themes and...
Party Time
party / club music. These bring the scene to life.
Retro Twisted
Modern electro funk where sound images mingle with traditional sounds...
Who Knew
Nas style Old school hip hop. Delivered with class that only two OGs...
Top 40 Dance & Club
Top 40 Club, Dance and party music
No Gravity
A journey into space! Cinematic themes, underscores and trailers for...
Grand Theatre-Fairies & Tales
Modern themes for movies, cinematic trailers or video games. The...
Epic Heroes 2
Short epic adventure, superheroes and fairytales cues
Timeless - Girl Power & Anthem
Ultimate girl power, women empowerment songs and anthems for multi...
Reality & Dramedy 1
Instrumental music cues for reality tv, series and dramedy
Uplifting Glory
Light uplifting orchestral cues
Epic Heroes
Music for projects inspirational projects.
In The Mix
Nice mix of pop, serenade, chill and upbeat music for cool scenes and...
Indie Rock
Indie rock for the silver and LED screens
Rockably Indie EdgY Poppy
Awesome energy cool rock/pop music for the screens. Standard scene...
Story Moving Grooves
Storytelling Driving Rhythms
Quirky Orchestra - Full
Light quirky orchestral music for the every day comedy, reality TV...
Solo Piano
Light, peaceful, calm and warm solo piano for drama
Felt Piano Emotions
Felt piano with light electronics and strings, suggesting nostalgic...
Lounge Sofa
A landscape of lounge music featuring retro and kitsch...
Afrhipop Spirit Heritage
Afrhipop is a musical style created by Aboubacar Doumbia, aka Aboo...
The Horse Puppets - Sorry For The Inconvenience
Cinematic Pop, Blues, Roots and country
Mutation is an even mix of J Pop, original Japanese ballads and...
EDM Trance Dubs - Electronic Music
Collection of Electronic dance music from the 2000’s
12 Steg
12 Steg - Swedish rock single with feature film vibes
Tell Me
Tell Me Single
Timeless - Pop and Dance Hits
Top 40 style Pop and Dance Songs
Back To The Roots
Song about being yourself again
Music from the World
World Music album. Percussive and Melodic moods with Voices.Extensive...
A vida que eu quero
Acoustic sounds, with lead clarinet, accompanied by guitar, piano,...
Jazzy & Easy AM-PM 6
Acoustic jazz, fusion and brazilian jazz music. Easy Listening.
Vintage Space Music
Vintage synthesizers sounds, used as textures to soundtrack different...
Vintage Synth-Pop AM-PM 10
Not just a “sound like” in Krafwerk style, rather a respectful...
The Eighties
Authentic, recorded in the '80s. Originals and covers.
80's Synthwave AM-PM12
Synthwave retro 80's sci-fi atmosphere with analog synths,...
Relax and vibrate with this refined retrospective of panoramic...
Indie Pop Rock | Instrumentals
Indie pop rock and acoustic
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