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Make people remember you, with music. 

Research shows that what people listen to is more important to their sense of themselves than what they hear or read. Choice of music can actually become an extension of an individual's identity. Humans are continuously in the process of actively constructing, maintaining and communicating their identity.

Most people visit us to license music to you in an Ad, Film, Game Trailer, Film Trailer, Documentary, TV Series or other audio visual project and even podcasts.

4 Simple steps to add music to your project.

  1. Browse music and pick a song for your project
  3. Get the license
  4. Download the and add the music to your project

Do I need an account to license a song?

No. But you need an account to download the song you license.

With an account you can create projects and share with your team, keep track of what you’re listening to and more.

How do I find the right music or pick a song or instrumental for my project?

A greater place to start is the filter option when you click the search bar.

Pick the mood or genre, or exactly what you want to use the music for like and advertisement.

You can also search using anexternal streaming link like YouTube, etc. Simply drop the link in the search Bar.

You can also navigate the menu on the top left to our suggested playlists of the latest by category.

What are Drops?

Drops*** are short downloadable custom-curated playlists

Designed to save you time, narrow your search, and let you test the tracks. 

I can’t find what I want. Now what?

Request a drop and a pro music supervisor will do the search for you! Request a Drop here .

Do you make custom music?

Yes we do. Request one here. Or email

How do I license a song or instrumental ?

To license a song, simply click LICENSE A SONG at the bottom of this page. This button is alocated on each page and 

at the top of your home page when you are logged in.

Can I license more than one song?

Yes you can license 1 song or multiple songs.

How much do you charge?/ What are your prices?

Each license/permission is customized to your use. So you don’t pay for more than you need.

Simply send a us a quote request.

Why the custom license?

You can license our music for any imaginable (legal) use* and distribute your project anywhere in the world.

It is also so that we can grant you exclusive** license to the song if you want or need it.

Do you have cover song?

Yes we do.

Can I download any song before i license it?

Yes. You can request to active downloads. Simply complete this form . Our team will then activate your downloads within 24 hours. 

We reserve the rights to activate downloads.

Can you make cover songs for our project?

Yes. We’ve partnered with EasySong, a leader in cover song licensing to help us quickly clear and get permission to make and license you cover songs.

With our service you are conpletely protected.

Do you do clearance? 

Yes. Learn more here


*except for sexually explicit materials, animal cruelty, drugs, tobacco, firearm, gambling, political materials and all human rights violations.

**product exclusivity


By requesting a Drop, you agree to not use the music in any unauthorized way.

You agree to request and obtain a proper license prior to the actual use of any music or sound effect on the Audilus website(s).

You agree to not share or distribute your project containing our music without permission. Sharing is limited to your internal team at your organization. 

Internal presentations to other teams, including to clients are excluded without authorization from Audilus.

You agree to not share, distribute, or make copies of the downloaded music by any means. Electronically or otherwise.

In the event of an unauthorized use, you will no longer have access to the site. The appropriate licensing fee(s) will be assessed solely at the discretion of Audilus, Inc, and billed

Need music? Let's talk

"The best stories can be told under the moonlight. But with music, they become an experience." 

O. T. - Founder

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