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Consider us an extension of your creative team. We don't have a million tracks. Just the right ones.

We are a one-stop shop with peace of mind exclusive library.

Efficient and Responsive Creative Music Solutions

Simplified Licensing

Convenience With Personal Touch. No Complex Modules. Direct Licensing

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Original Composition
License one song at a time for every imaginable use anywhere in the world. Easily scale up as your usage increases. As part of our Pleage1percent pledge, we match and donate 1% of individual licenses.
Designed for high frequency high volume agencies and media production companies and brodcast companies - Grants complete access to all or part of our entire catalog. It's NOT SUBSCRIPTION.
We empower brands. Helping you to stand out from the noise. Publishing on TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo or Soundcloud where consumers have access to millions of songs and millions of ads per day? When they hear something new and fresh, your brand stands out.
Hire us to compose original music for your ad campaign, film, or trailer. We also provide cover song recording and licensing

We give you the attention grabber and the standard... setter. Like you, we're always up for the challenge!

With our eclectic exclusive production music library + recording artists' music + bespoke services you're covered on all ends.

Music Library
Browse our exclusive library with production music albums designed to be an editor's best friend in post.
Original Music
Our team of highly creative composers, producers and songwriters with a vast experience in music for media is driven by one goal. To help you deliver the best possible content with music that fits the content and engages the audience. Based in California but from different parts of the world, we bring originality, authenticity and eclecticism to the creative table.
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We personalize your home page based on your industry. Making it super easy to quickly find what's new and relevant to your industry i.e Advertising, Music Supervision, Games. Your personal home page expands based on your searches and usage.
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Launching this fall in beta is our uniquely personalized approach to licensing music for media for sync professionals. With Partna, we essentially become an extension of your creative team. Working closely to deliver the best possible content.
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