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Licensing Verbiage and Site Features

Throughout our site, you will find different letters and combinations of letters. They are there to give specific information about each track that can affect its final licensing price. In some cases, they inform of any restrictions.

Letters B through M denote a different version of the song or track ( 15 or 30-second version, an underscore, an instrumental, or an alternate version)

B ( i.e. Holy Moly B ) is often the Instrumental of a song

B is also the 30-second version of a production music track without vocals

B can also be the only alternate version of any track in our library.

(p) is for Production Music

(c) is for recording artist music

(E) next to a label's name means that the music is exclusive to Audilus and can be licensed for exclusive use.

(NE) next to a label's name means that the music will require additional clearance to be used for exclusive use. Rest assured, we also provide clearance.

More Licensing Words


A license is a legal contract that provides the rights to use a piece of music in a specific project. A license is NOT the same as buying a song. A license provides the RIGHTS to use a song in a specific project.


A single-use license means the song can only be used once. One song synced to one edit of one video one time. Multiple uses of a song will require multiple licenses, even if the end client stays the same.


Perpetual means that the license won’t ever need to be “re-licensed” for that specific project. The license never loses its validity, so the license will cover the use of that particular song in that particular project forever and ever, amen.

Internal Use

Use of the project by and for members of and/or within a single organization. Such uses would include internal organizational meetings, training sessions, shareholder meetings, etc. This means that every person viewing the project is employed by the same company or organization. If any non-employees are present, then the project will be considered Industrial Use.

Industrial Use

Making the project available in any non-broadcast medium to any individual or audience that is not a member of the organization. Such uses would include public events, fundraisers, sales meetings, tradeshow displays, sales giveaways, external presentations, leave-behinds, in-store promos, and presentations to potential clients or investors promoting a single company, product, or service.

Individual Use

Individual Use projects are videos of personal life events, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc. Individual Use projects cannot be used in affiliation with any brand, company, or organization, including personal branding, or for films/passion projects. They also cannot be posted on websites or pages that include client/portfolio work or links to client/portfolio work. Individual Use licenses are just for videos of personal life events to be shared with friends and family on your personal UGC sites.

Promotional Use

Single use in a project promoting a brand, product, service, promotion, company, organization, or event, including fundraising and calls to action. If there is any branding or logos in the project or the project is promoting anything in any way, it needs a promotional license. The promotional license options available are ‘Small Business’, meant for brands with up to 50 employees, ‘Business’, meant for brands with 51-250 employees, and ‘Enterprise’ meant for large brands with over 250 employees (request a quote for custom pricing). The employee count used should be the global employee count of the brand/business publishing the video, including all full and part-time employees.

501(c)(3) or International Equivalent

Companies that are registered as a non-profit organization meet criteria explicit in article 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. International Equivalents are companies with a non-profit registration in their home country equal to the 501(c)(3) registration in the United States.

End Client

The end client is who the project is for - whom the project is promoting or benefitting and whose logos and branding are in the project. All branding/logos in a project must be covered in the license.

Employee Count

The employee count used in the license is the global employee count of the end client, including all part-time and full time employees. The employee count should reflect the company as a whole, not individual offices, branches, departments or divisions.


In the context of the internet, this refers to the process by which revenue is generated through the use of content posted on the web. Streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo provide an opportunity for content owners to profit from the placement of paid advertisements on their sites. Monetizing a video requires an Enterprise license.


A song or piece of music without any lyrics. Are the lyrics keeping you from being able to use a song that could be a perfect fit for your project? No problem. Instrumental versions are available for a large majority of our catalog.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a non-tangible piece of ownership. This is something that the content creator owns the rights to, but is a creation of their mind (such as a song), not a tangible item.

Third Party Content ID

Content ID is a technology that exists for three reasons: a) it allows content providers to identify when videos incorporate their content, b) it allows YouTube to generate revenue by placing advertising next to content that has been included in the Content ID program and identified in uploaded videos (this is shared with Content ID partners) and c) this revenue stream allows YouTube to offer its free video sharing service to hundreds of millions of users.

Performance Rights Organization (PRO)

Performance Rights Organizations track and license performances and presentations of songs played in public locations such as event venues or retail stores. Audilus is a sync licensing company, not a PRO. We license music to be synced with motion picture.

Make people remember you, with music. 

Research shows that what people listen to is more important to their sense of themselves than what they hear or read. Choice of music can actually become an extension of an individual's identity. Humans are continuously in the process of actively constructing, maintaining and communicating their identity.

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