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 - 2021

Cool cinematic themes and underscores music supervisors love

28 Tracks 
(Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes 19 seconds)
This is a classical string piece. It is smooth yet uplifting. Good for light dramatic scenes, soft transitions, and scenes with traditional classical characters.
This is a cinematic orchestral piece. It is big, suspenseful, and action packed. Great for high intensity action scenes, heroic events, battle and adventure climaxes, and soaring chase scenes.
This is a garage rock song. It is exciting and fun. Great for scenes involving tense fun suspense building events, cool and exciting action scenes, serious and dramatic action sequences, intense conflict scenes, etc. It is a song about a man who wants someone dead.
This is a trip hop song with an electronica quality. It is ambient, atmospheric, mysterious, and cool. It is great for scenes involving epic chaotic events, chaotic action sequences, beautiful and mysterious events, etc. It has a slow to slow medium tempo.
Wistful and mysterious atmosphere. Full moon over the water. Edit point at 00:26. Underscore - reflected moon version.
Strange floating loop of marimba, drone with a sense of darkness and loss. Followed by a very large choir. Choir at 00:29, edit point at 00:51, ambience at 01:31. Marimba, synth drone, sound design fx, large choir.
Loud metal drums break and energetic rhythm. Percussions light version.
Neoclassical theme. Cinematic piano, strings at 0:51 and ethereal synth pads create a romantic moment. Perfect for refined ads or drama. Edit point at 0:51, at 1:39, at 1:55.
Alternative version - Indie underscore featuring dobro, guitars and strings. Cinematic atmosphere with a Country touch. Edit point at 0:48, at 1:12, at1:37.
Sweet Ambient, cinematic with dashes of minimal piano and electric keys
Tense meditative, orchestral, hybrid, dramatic, music bed, cinematic, evolving music
Epic and cinematic space adventure track with intermittent orchestral brass. Gradual build in intensity featuring wide synths and electro fx. Final theme at 2:20. Edit point at 0:34 - 0:50 - 1:38 - 2:20. No intro version.
Retrowave underscore with a typical 80's sound. Vintage synths and drum machines build a revival track!
Trap underscore with vocal chops, ?claustrophobic? hip hop beats, deep 808 bass and synths. Break at 2:16. Edit point at 0:32 - 1:52 - 2:16 - 2:32.
Version light - Dark trap underscore with gangsta attitude! Featuring deep 808 bass, pluck synths and dark piano chords. A male ?vocal backing? underlines the chorus. Edit point at 0:33 - 1:05 - 1:21 - 1:53 - 2:41 - 3:37.
Version underscore - Hip hop underscore with lo-fi elements. Featuring deep 808 bass, trap beats and synths. Edit point at 0:48 - 1:36 - 2:24 - 2:56.
Scary vibes with sinister drones and intense sound design. The darker side of the underground at night ! Edit point at 0:41 and at 1:18. No hitsversion.
Childlike, lovely and romantic orchestral track, featuring piano, xylophone, flute, little bells and string. Perfect for sweet fairy tales or fantasy. Edit point at 0:48, at 1:00, at 1:33. Piano, xylophone, flute, string, harp, little bells.
Big band of New York night. Intro double bass and brass. Snap fingers.
Dark trap underscore. Hip hop beats and deep 808 bass collide with haunted pianos. Worrying and mysterious atmosphere for modern horror or thriller. Suspense drone at the end (3:40). Edit point at 0:34 - 1:12 - 1:32 - 2:39 - 3:40.
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