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Audilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for Media
Enchance your Artist Career

Join Emmy Winning Hit Music Producer, Songwriter, Publisher, Speaker, Educator Michèle-Vice Maslin for her 16 class mastercourse where she will take you “From Song to Sync...And More" including everything in between. (Click here to see Michèle's full credit list)

Learn what it takes to create the optimum styles and genres of songs for pitching - for synchronization in media (film, tv, ads, promos, games, trailers, etc.) and major artist and indy artist recordings. Learn how all genres work and Walk away with invaluable knowledge to put it into real use and make money from your music!!! So many of Michèle’s former students are doing so!

We are deeply honored and proud to call Michèle a friend of Audilus and we are thankful that she has agreed to share her amazing knowledge with our community of artists, songwriters, producers and composers. If you want to take your music to the next level and establish yourslef in the industry, her courses are by far the single most important investment you can make into your career. She is highly regarded and respected by EVERYONE in the industry. So don't wait. Make the jump. We never stop learning. The best are continuously learning and adapting.

We've partnered with the Brands below to offer you tools to enhance your productions, artist podcast and support your journey

Kilohearts has developed a unique effects processing paradigm that is definitely worth exploring. Their ever-expanding collection of snapins are inexpensive in terms of both CPU and cost — yet they sound unexpectedly great.Use code 8YZKU4WZVL for 20% Discount
What artists are saying about Kilohearts

'm really addicted to [Distortion] right now
My whole thing is blues rock/funk guitar combined with all kinds of EDM genres and using the [Distortion] plug over an already classically overdriven guitar gives it a really tight and crisp high-end saturation on top. It allows the guitar to compete with brightly mixed EDM synths and production and makes it stand out. The spread function is also a really crucial element here and works amazingly well

Cover Art Design

Art By Anna is here to help you make your next single or album cover art stand out! 

If you have a podcast or show
Elevate your mic game
From Blue's premium USB mic line to their studio XLR series, Blue enables streamers and content creators to bring the nuances of their talent to the world with stunning detail.
Avid powers greater creators with innovative software and hardware for the media and entertainment industry. Our customers—from large media organizations to aspiring creative professionals—are behind the world’s most beloved TV, films, and music.
Experience Wonder Boom 3 - Notoriously bigger sound
Ultimate Ears
Ultimate Ears, a brand of Logitech International, brings music to life with its award-winning family of wireless speakers. The Boom 3 is by fast the best wireless speakeer we've tested.

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