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Audilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for MediaAudilus® - Music for Media


Thanks for partnering with Audilus® 

There's a lot we can do with music.

Thank you again for partnering with Audilus® to represent and license your music. Together we were able to make some incredible things happen over the last year. We expanded and placed music in AV projects globally.

To continue to deliver the best music and provide the best service to content creators, and to better facilitate licensing of your music, we periodically confirm and update necessary info about you and your songs.

If you have not updated your info in the last year, please continue below to update/confirm your info.

Click here to confirm/update your info

If you have not completed a w9 and reside in the US - click here

If you reside outside the US - click here

To complete our new and updated content ID claim release - click here


Please complete the documents and email them to

For any questions email


In our continued effort to help you reach more audiences and secure more uses for your music, we are expanding our offering to include:

  • Artist branding (coming this Summer)
  • Select distribution (coming this Summer)

We have partnered with industry experts, service providers, and gear makers to assist in your artistic journey.

Highlight: Songwriting Masterclass - Join Emmy Winning Hit Music Producer, Songwriter, Publisher, Speaker, Educator Michèle-Vice Maslin for her 16 class mastercourse. Learn more.

Check out all the cool perks here!


Did you know? We provide the following complimentary services.

  • Song plugging - Do you have unpublished songs to pitch to other artists to record?
  • Release consulting

To maintain our standard across the board, please see below a refresher on our formats and other requirements.

Full Song (see format below) 

Instrumental Version (see format below) - Highly recommended

Other versions (if any) - 30s, 15 sec - Required for orchestral/cinematic production music. If the song is longer than 2 minutes.

Album cover art - Vertical and Square IG standards (updated) - album image file in size 3000*3000

Likeness/ Portrait - Vertical and Square IG standards (updated)

Short Bio (updated)

Social media and other media handles/URL

Other promo materials

Metadata - .xlxs, numbers, or CSV files. No screenshots.

Email metadata and nonmusic content to Do not email the content in the body of the email. 

If you are sending folders, you may use Wetransfer, dropbox, or Google drive.


Upload music files to

If your files are too large, send them via We-transfer, dropbox, or Google Drive.

**We do not accept any other modes of transfer**


Audio file format:

24-bit / 48khz - Preferred

16-bit or higher WAV or AIFF - Acceptable 


Audilus is committed to protecting your copyrights and securing licenses for your musical compositions. 

This includes sync, remixes, covers, other derivative works, and every imaginable use. 

Audilus will continue to utilize all its available resources to secure licenses for your works.


Your partnership is highly valued. Keep on creating! Let's make music!


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Othniel Tomtania

founder & Pres. | Audilus, Inc

Need music? Let's talk

"The best stories can be told under the moonlight. But with music, they become an experience." 

O. T. - Founder

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